family documentary, your visual diary

What is family documentary?
The idea behind a family documentary session is that you live life unscripted, in the way that you do every day. What’s unusual is that I would be there with a camera to record whatever is happening - -  from your high-energy family fun to the most mundane activities and everything in between. My goal is to make photographs that are authentic and tell an honest story about your family.

While you may not think that your everyday routine is worthy of documentation, it’s these smaller moments that shape your family’s dynamic and will lay the groundwork for who your children will become. It’s your child learning how to brush their own teeth or a bedroom dance party or a Whiffle ball game at sunset. Your current routine with your children will fade away before you’re even aware that it has and there’s no going back to this precious time. Each day may seem ordinary to you but is actually unique. One day your child throws their pacifier into the trash and says, “no more,” and the next they're off to middle school, waving from the bus. It’s these everyday moments that are the most meaningful.

Why should you schedule a family documentary session?
You’ll be creating an extraordinary gift for you and your children - -  a visual diary. It will give your entire family the opportunity to look back at this time in your life and remember exactly what it felt like to be there. By inviting me to photograph your family, you’ll get to enjoy the love you have for one another and experience your family’s personal connection firsthand, without having the burden of being on camera duty. Savor this moment right now and let me make the photographs that will someday become your memories.

A custom-designed book is included with every package.
Because I believe in the power and permanence of photobooks they are included in every package that I offer. There’s nothing better than turning the pages of a book that tells the story of your sweet family. I don’t want your precious memories relegated to deep storage on a hard drive or worse yet, lost on a misplaced flash drive. Books have withstood the test of time and will be with you forever. Who knows what the future holds for our digitized data? I’m an award-winning photobook designer and I can’t wait to create something special for you from our session.

If you were to schedule a family documentary session with me annually you’d have a chronological collection of books for your coffee table or library. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to give your grown-up child a gift of these books for a special occasion, perhaps at their graduation from college or on their wedding day. You’d be giving them your family’s cherished moments preserved. A lasting investment that is truly priceless.

Ready to schedule or have questions?
Say the word and I will send over my Family Documentary Questionnaire and What to Expect session guidelines. Before we confirm a session date we will talk. Maybe on the phone, by Skype or in person. I’ll be happy to answer any questions and respond to your concerns. I'll explain my process to you and how I work. I also want to make sure we're a good fit. You can reach me through my contact form or email directly at